• Capture & Create

    If the idea of creating formal procedures makes you think of huge three-ring binders and a lot of work, it’s time to change your thinking. With ProperProcess, creating a procedure couldn’t be easier. Simply name your new process, assign it to the appropriate department and then fill in the necessary steps. If a step is out of place, just drag it to where it belongs.

    Some procedures require a little more than words. Sometimes it takes a picture to get the idea across. With ProperProcess you can attach relevant and important files to any step in the procedure. It supports all the popular formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, PDFs, PNGs, JPGs and more.

    Now that monthly form your admin can never seem to find will be right there, ready to be used.

    When you need to create a new procedure that’s similar to an existing one, no need to reinvent the wheel. Just copy and modify.

  • Edit & Organize

    Businesses are organic, and often the procedures you live by need to change. With a printed operations manual you would be forced to edit, reprint and redistribute. But not with ProperProcess. Just edit the procedure and instantly the updated version is available to your team.

    Make your online procedure library even easier to navigate by assigning each process to a specific department. Why should your sales department need to sift through weekly accounting responsibilities? ProperProcess makes it easy to organize all the procedures you'll create.

  • Schedule & Assign

    Once you have your awesome procedure where it’s always easy to find, someone has to do the work. You can easily assign responsibility of a procedure to a member of your team. Now that person “owns” that task and the rest of the team will know to ask them if there are any questions.

    When a procedure needs to be performed on a regular basis you don’t even have to think about it. Just schedule it in ProperProcess. Daily, weekly, monthly recurring tasks – you name it. ProperProcess will send a reminder to the person assigned to a task.


So what are you waiting for?

Get organized and join the happy business owners who have automated their businesses using ProperProcess.

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